"Thank you for the update, the package arrived last Monday. paul  I must thank you for your excellent service once again. The garments look and feel even better than they did during the fitting, and both the suits and the shirts fit like a glove! I am definitely bringing my father with me the next time you're in town. More importantly my wife loves my new clothes!. "
- Andrew N. Wood
London , UK

"Received the final suit, thank you paul! I wore it to the annual corporate ball, and was showered with compliments from everyone the entire night. The white collar & white cuff shirt looked very sharp, thank you for the suggestion. I will be bringing my office colleagues to you on your next visit, so please keep me up to date."
- Brendan O' Connell
Dublin  Ireland

"Dear Paul & Mark,- I am extremely pleased with my order. You guys did a wonderful job. I have never worn anything that fits me so well, especially when it comes to suits and dress shirts! The jacket lies on my shoulders perfectly. Finally, I'm wearing shirts that aren't too baggy or too tight. Please add 8 more white on white shirts to my order of the same styles and have them shipped over with my next package. Thank you!"
- Thomas Zofkie (Tom)
New York, USA

"Gentlemen, I have tried on my custom tailored shirts and bespoke suits by you recently. I am normally fussy by nature, but this is a job well done. Great work, please inform me on your next visit as I would like to bring some friends."
- Dr. Re Ne - Smekens
Brussels, Belgium



"I have been using their services and I think they are perfect in their job. I recommend their services as they offer a good price for the services"
- Dr. Re Ne - Smekens
Brussels, Belgium




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